Complete Guide to Twitter Search & Monitoring (7 Free Tools)

230 million tweets are generated a day and it’ll be very valuable to monitor and filter out unwanted noise for analysis or timely response. This guide shares 7 free tools you can use to monitor Twitter using Twitter web interface, RSS, email alerts as well as tracking questions on Twitter and archiving tweets for analysis.

Monitor Twitter with Official Twitter Search

Twitter Search Results Page

Twitter Search Results Page

If most of your Tweeting time is on Twitter web, its official search box could be very handy. Enter the term you want to monitor, being either your brand or product model, refine it, and save it when you’re satisfied with the results.

If you are not skilled using search operators, go to advanced search here.

Track Twitter Search Results in RSS Feeds

There used to be a feed icon on the right sidebar of Twitter search results page, which is gone in the new Twitter interface. But, don’t worry, replace “singapore” with your desired search term in the link below:

You can also create RSS feeds for Tweets, Twitter searches, hashtags or favorites:

  • (tracking hashtag via RSS)

Monitor Twitter & Send Email Alert with Twilert

Twilert Logo


twilert is a free social media monitoring tool for Twitter, which enables you to receive regular email updates of tweets containing your brand, product or service.

It’s a very useful and easy-to-use tool to monitor conversations on Twitter that concern you. Simply sign in with your Google account or Twitter account.


Twilert Sign-in

Once signed in, you need to enter your email address and specify your timezone. Enter your search term(s) below and the time you’d like to receive your Twilert. “advanced search options” will help tweak your search.

Twilert Advanced Search

Twilert Advanced Search

Advanced search options is a powerful way for you to filter out unwanted tweets and receive accurate monitored results.

Monitor Questions Asked on Twitter That Match Your Business

Twitter nowadays has become a major information source; people ask questions and get answers anywhere anywhere. Imagine that you run a nice boutique cafe at CBD and someone asks on Twitter for a recommendation of a cafe to visit on a sunny afternoon! What if you can receive timely alert of those questions and reply in time? That means more customers.



InboxQ is the best way to ask or answer questions on Twitter. They measure the demonstrated knowledge of millions of Twitter users and make that knowledge easily searchable on their site.

InboxQ Questions

InboxQ Questions

Once you get the list of questions, you can answer them directly at InboxQ. If you find InboxQ, you may want to install its Chrome Extension or Firefox add-on.

Search & Archive Tweets for Analysis

Not all businesses need to monitor Tweets and respond in real time; for some, searching and archiving the twitter conversations are good enough to dig out the business insights.

Let me introduce you two free tools for archiving purpose: you can search and create tweets archive with Twapperkeeper; archivist works well too as a desktop application (Windows only) to archive, analyze and export tweets.

In addition, I found RowFeeder a very good tool too to track keywords, users and hashtags in Excel which you can use for analysis later. 

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