Here Is An Example of How To Jeopardize All Your Brands

F&N Brands

Today I suddenly realize F&N (Fraser & Neave) owns a lot of popular brands in Singapore such as Magnolia, 100 Plus, and NutriSoy as F&N stamps “F&N” on all its products.

The good thing for them is that soon people would realize F&N is such a wonderful company with so many good products. No doubt their corporate image would be strengthened. Consequently, when F&N expands its product lines, it’s easier and faster to receive recognition. But, it’s really quite stupid to consolidate different brands and heavily promote it.

It’s dangerous. Imagine what happens if one brand gets ruined? All brands get hurt. You don’t have to attend MBA school to understand this. When you have all brands consolidated under one corporate brand, people remember them and tag every brand with your corporate brand. When one brand image is damaged, the corporate brand gets hurt and consequently hurts all the other brands.

It’s not branding. Pizza Hut would have failed to become a recognized brand in pizza if Yum Brands put “Yum” besdie every brand name. In fact, lots of people still don’t know KFC, Pizza Hut, and Long John Silver’s are actually from the same company. when you want to build a strong brand presence in a separate category, you do want to separate the current brand association in people’s mind.

One name, one brand. 

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