Goolge Campaign Optimizer: Not For Asia Yet

campaign optimizer

Google just released a tool for PPC campaign optimization called The Campaign Optimizer.

The Campaign Optimizer is a free AdWords tool designed to help you fine-tune your advertising campaigns. When you run the Campaign Optimizer, we automatically analyze your budget, keywords, and landing page, and create a customized proposal for your campaign. You can then review the proposed changes and accept the ones you want to apply.

Sadly, this tool doesn’t support any Asian languages but English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. And, it does not support campaigns targeted to all languages.

Besides, for English speaking countries like Singapore this tool isn’t available yet unless the billing address is located in one of certain countries.

Asian advertisers and agencies have to wait until the tool expands. This is not really a bad news. Let’s see if the tools provides working proposal first!

Reference: Introduction from Inside AdWords Blog 

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