7 Free Ways for Rich & Engagement Content to Facebook Page

facebook logoFor marketers who created the first Facebook Page for a brand, the question is now what? If social media is about engagement, Facebook Page needs rich and engagement content.

1. Greet your fans.

Depending on demographics of your targeted fans, you want to send your greetings on Facebook Page. Be it simply a “good morning” or “happy father’s day”.

2. Ask questions.

If you don’t have many fans, you don’t want to see too many questions without any response from fans. Closed questions could be a better option. Once you have build up your fan base, “open questions” could get your fans thinking.

3. Upload photos and videos.

People “like” photos and videos; they gets spread faster.

4. Import your blog content into Facebook.

Your latest blog post will auto-post on Facebook Page walls after you import it. Include a photo in your blog post so that a thumbnail will be shown on the wall which is more eye-catching.

5. Post an event

Share your event on Facebook Page to encourage more participation.

The key is to add relevant and quality content to your Facebook Page that add value to your fans. More ideas:

  1. Post a special promotion for Facebook Fans
  2. Add advanced content to your Page with static FBML


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