Digital Marketing: Must Read for Week Jun-16

Search Engine Marketing

  • Google XML Sitemaps : Essential FAQ [Search Engine Journal]
  • Plotting the Effects of your PPC Changes [Apple Pie & Custard]
    Imagine you could plot the effects of every single change to your PPC campaign on a graph. You’d be able to view instantly whether that bid your raised on Friday evening before leaving the office has paid off
  • Google AdWords Insertion Tag List [Search Engine Roundtable]
  • Landing page load time now affects keywords’ Quality Scores [Google]
    “Keywords with landing pages that load slowly may get lower Quality Scores (and thus higher minimum bids). Conversely, keywords with landing pages that load very quickly may get higher Quality Scores and lower minimum bids.”
  • Google Leads in Mobile Search [Marketing Charts]
    “Google leads in mobile internet search provider share (61% in the first quarter of 2008), followed by Yahoo (18%) and MSN (5%), according to Nielsen Mobile, which also released data on commerce conducted via mobile devices.”

Social Media Marketing / WOM / Viral Marketing

Email Marketing

Display Advertising

  • Interactive Banner Advertising Converts to Leads [Zac Johnson]
    “The concept of this banner was to have the visitor answer a question (check box) from within the banner, then walk them through a couple extra questions, while the offers would pop open in a new browser. “

Marketing Research

China Internet

  • Chinese Bloggers Really Are Edgy [WSJ]
    “Western journalists often write about the ability of Chinese bloggers to challenge authority and provide an alternative voice to the propaganda that often fills China’s official news media. How accurate is that description across China’s vast blogosphere?”
  • 160 million Online Video Users in China [China Web2.0]
    According to the report, there are already 160 million online video users in China by the end of 2007.


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